Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let us learn about Learning Disabilities(LD)

Learning disabilities

  Learning disability is a general term that refers to a group of disorders manifested by difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening,speaking,reading,writing,reasoning or mathematical skills 

    Children with LD are usually of average or above average intelligence . but there is a discrepancy between ability and achievement .

Some of the LD s are 

Dyslexia-disorder of reading
Dysgraphia-disorders of writing
Dyscalculia-disorder in mathematics

Dyslexia is the most common disorder among LDs affecting children.
5% of school age children are affected with Dyslexia

Phonological deficit may be the reason behind Dyslexia/LDs

     To read a word , a reader should segment the word in to its phonological elements and then he understands and speaks.
     In dyslexia this phonological deficit impairs decoding results in reading difficulties.

There are some changes found in children with LDs . generally brains (left,right) are not equal in normal persons.
Left brain  is bigger than right brain in the posterior region and right brain is bigger than left in the anterior region.-this what seen in normal individual . but in LDs there are no differences in the size of the brain

Signs of  LDs
     -language delay: the earliest sign in LD
     -difficulty in writing
     -irregular handwriting with  reversal of letters
     -irregular size and spacing of words

 LDs are life long problems so continuous monitoring is needed

Children should be identified and sent to a team of experts

Earlier the diagnosis better the outcome , they should be sent before second grade

Facilities are available for children with diagnosis and certification can change the life of the kid

1..Second language exemptions are provided for children with dyslexia
2.  Extra time for board examinations to the certified children
3.   Provision of scribes for children with dysgraphia
4.    Use of calculators in the examinations for children with dyscalculia

National Institute of open schooling provides support for  LD children. NIOS offers a wide selection of vocational and non vocational subjects upto the pre degree level 

Students registered with NIOS are free to select their subjects of choice in any combination and are free to pursue their education at their own pace

Address of the institute
            National Institute of open schooling

            A-38, Kailash Colony

            New Delhi-110048

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