Friday, May 24, 2013

Circumcision -Risks and Benefits

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin-the skin that covers the tip of the penis. 

There are medical benefits and risks to circumcision. 

Benefits: circumcision protects against 

1.)urinary tract infections
2.)penile cancer 
3.)sexually transmitted diseases.

Circumcision changes the bacteria ecosystem of the penis, perhaps explaining why the procedure reduces the risk of HIV infection,  

Benefits to the partner:

Circumcision has also been shown to reduce the risk of contracting HPV, or human papillomavirus, which can cause cervical cancer if a man infects his female partners with the virus, and herpes simplex virus type 2, better known as genital herpes.

2.)risk of bleeding 

These risks are higher for older kids and men. so it's better to do as early as possible if we are sure about the procedure . This can be done safely in new born period  also 

American Academy of Pediatrics to conclude in 2012 that the benefits outweigh the risks.(benefits>risks) 

Parents need to decide what is best for their kids based on their religious, cultural and personal preferences.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


What is ROTARIX?

ROTAVIRUS image jama

ROTARIX is a vaccine that protects your baby from a kind of virus (called a rotavirus) that can cause bad diarrhea and vomiting. Rotavirus can cause diarrhea and vomiting that is so bad that your baby can lose too much body fluid and need to go to the hospital.
Rotavirus vaccine is a liquid that is given to your baby by mouth. It is not a shot.

Who should not take ROTARIX?

Your baby should not get ROTARIX if:
                He or she has had an allergic reaction after getting a dose of ROTARIX.
                He or she is allergic to any of the ingredients of this vaccine. A list of ingredients can be found at the end of this leaflet.
                A doctor has told you that your baby’s digestive system has a defect (is not normal).
                He or she has a history of a serious problem called intussusception that happens when a part of the intestine gets blocked or twisted.
                He or she has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID), a severe problem with his/her immune system.

Tell your doctor if your baby:
                Is allergic to latex.
                Has problems with his/her immune system.

If your baby has been having diarrhea and vomiting, your doctor may want to wait
before giving your baby a dose of ROTARIX.

What are possible side effects of ROTARIX?

The most common side effects of ROTARIX are:
                Runny nose
                Loss of appetite

Call your doctor right away or go to the emergency department if your baby has any of these problems after getting ROTARIX, especially if symptoms occur in the first 7 days after the first dose, but even if it has been several weeks since the last vaccine dose because these may be signs of a serious problem called intussusception:
                Bad vomiting
                Bad diarrhea
                Bloody bowel movement
                High fever
                Severe stomach pain (if your baby brings his/her knees to his/her chest while crying or screaming).

How is ROTARIX given?

ROTARIX is a liquid that is dropped into your baby’s mouth and swallowed.


Administration of ROTARIX

Your baby will get the first dose at around 6 weeks old.

The second dose will be at least 4 weeks after the first dose (before 6 months old).

Be sure to plan the time for your baby’s second dose with the doctor because it is important that your baby gets both doses of ROTARIX before your baby is 6 months old.

The doctor may decide to give your baby shots at the same time as ROTARIX.
Your baby can be fed normally after getting ROTARIX.

What are the ingredients in ROTARIX?
ROTARIX contains weakened human rotavirus.

                            ROTARIX is a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

National Vaccination Reminder Service

National Vaccination Reminder Service 

The IAP Immunizeindia national vaccination reminder service was successfully launched in July 2012 and many parents are registering for the service everyday. 

Hundreds of SMS reminders are already being sent every week.

As illustrated in the images below registration the service is very easy, by simply sending SMS to the national shortcode 566778 from the parent's mobile phone-

Immunize <Space> <Baby’s pet name or first name> < Space> <Baby’s date of birth>


Immunize Rekha 25-03-2012

the following

Three free of cost and timely reminders will be sent for each vaccination, for 12 years, as per the IAPCOI vaccination schedule.

An example of a reminder that is sent to the phone is - "Vaccination OPV2 Measles dose is due for Rekha this week. Please do not forget to take your baby to the doctor.”
Reminders do not advertise, recommend or promote any vaccine brands or products. Reminders also never mention the name of any doctor. This is a non-profit, free service, supported only by grants and donations from individuals and institutions.

  They will get timely reminders to visit you for immunization of their child.
Let us use the service to increase immunization rates and fulfill our mission of serving the children of India.